Virtualrealporn.com Life and Death and LoveSeptember 14 2013Death is already happening. Death is an absolutely necessary process for life to be. It is not the enemy it is the friend.Death is already happening. Whether you face it or not whether you look at it or not it is already there. It is just like breathing. When a child is born he inhales. He breathes in for the first time. That is the beginning of life. And when one day he becomes old dies he will exhale.Death always happens with exhalation and birth with inhalation. But exhalation and inhalation are happening continuously. With each inhalation you are born with each exhalation you die.So the first thing to understand is that death is not somewhere in the future waiting for you as it has been always pictured. It is part of life it is an ongoing processnot in the future here now.Life and death